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The new wellness-center is divided by three main areas.

Personal care

  • wide whirlpool
  • sauna
  • bathes Turk
  • showers moves them with chromo
  • Kneipp way
  • beauty treatments


  • massages
  • personalized curative packages
  • relax packages
  • infusions & cribs


A steam bath between 40/50 degrees with 98% humidity beneficial for the respiratory system, the skin, the metabolism and circulatory system. The steam bath is also very good for facial treatments.

Metabolic activator
It purifies the skin and restores its balance
Hydrating, antiseptic, decongestant for the respiratory system
Circulation toner
Skin’s PH regulator
It’s advisable to use the steam bath between 15/20 minutes; the cycle can be repeated 2/3 times with a 15 minutes relaxation interval


Our Jacuzzi tub is a 5/6 seater with water temperature that reaches 36/38 degrees. Preferably the treatment should last 10/15 minutes in order to benefit the most. The colour therapy is beneficial for the skin.


After every treatment our relaxation area is ideal in order to loosen up the body and benefit from each therapy. The colour therapy comes from ceiling light and has a beneficial effect on the body and mind.
Clients will be able to drink the herbal teas that purify the gastric system, the body and mind.


In order to counteract the high temperatures of the sauna our body triggers a thermo regulating process that stimulates intense perspiration that opens skin pours and eliminates toxins providing cardiovascular and muscle tone benefits.
The course of treatment spaces out exposure to sweltering environments and cold water baths followed by massages in order to cause a reaction between hot and cold that activates and optimizes the blood circulation.
The dry climate of the sauna is recommended for curing chronic rheumatisms, arthritis and most of all to stimulate the self-defence processes in order to prevent inflammations, flues and colds. A long hot bath and a brief cold shower will end the course of treatment.


The Wasserparadies is a small shower course of treatment with colour therapy and aromatherapy made up of front, ceiling and lateral jetting systems. With this therapy you will experience the benefits of the aromatherapy and colour therapy. A vascular exercise triggered by the combination of hot and cold water.
Tropical shower
Jet of vaporized water
Hot and cold shower with body water jets


Our external swimming pool is very large, 18 meters long, 8 meters wide and 2.80 meters high with heated water at 30/32 degrees open from the 25 of April to the 15th of October. Available a wide Jacuzzi tub and a shallow water pool. The environment is pleasant and relaxing thanks to the synthetic grass that surrounds the swimming pool.